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Laurie Excell - Equipment Lady - Photo © Moose PetersonHello Friends and Clients of EQuipment Lady,

First off I apologize for the group email but, I need to get some important information out to you all as quickly as I can.

EQuipment Lady has been serving the needs of photographers for the last sixteen years and it has been an amazing time working with so many of you. I thank you so much for your continued loyalty and support over the years.

With that said, it is time to take a little breather and enjoy spending some time traveling and photographing. In the near future my husband and I will have sold our house and bought a trailer to travel North America for the next several months.

I don't have an exact date as to when we will return but, will be sending out emails once I have settled down again and have an address where you can resume sending equipment for me to sell for you.

I hope my upcoming absence doesn't inconvenience anyone too much.

I will continue to accept packages at the regular address (4199 Fruitwood Ct Lake Oswego, OR 97035) until June 25th. After that I will not have a permanent address to receive packages. I will be staying in the area for about thirty days so, anything that arrives by June 25th will be given due attention and I'll make sure to get everything sold before we head off on our great adventure.

Thank you all so much for your support and your friendship. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc.

Happy shooting until we meet again.

And don't forget to...

Keep smiling,


I will sell your photo equipment and you don't have to take the time out from shooting to mess with the details. With 25+ years of camera sales experience under my belt, I can take the hassle out of selling your gear. I stay up to date on the current market trends and can get you top dollar. Find out how easy it is!


I want to pass on a great tip. Many folks have asked me about selling camera gear. It can be a hassle as you might have found out. Well, there's a great service out there that you might want to take advantage of for the selling of your gear!

Laurie Excell says... "Let me sell your gear for you." Laurie will sell your gear taking only 20% plus expenses (eBay, Paypal, etc) and you don't have to take the time out from shooting to mess with the details.

This is a great opportunity that I have personally taken advantage of, for selling and buying gear. Drop Laurie an email!

Moose Peterson - Wildlife Research Photography
I can't tell you how delighted I am with Laurie's service. I've been telling all my friends and students about her because she makes the whole process so quick and so easy. I just can't recommend her enough.

Scott Kelby - President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)
Laurie did exactly what she said she'd do. She investigated the available market, quoted me a price, sold the products and forwarded a check to me in a timely fashion. You can't do better that that! Would I use her again? You bet!

Emory Waldrop
"There is a word in the English Lexicon that, unfortunately, one can hardly use anymore these days. That word is TRUST. I would like to say that you can certainly use this word with regard to Laurie Excell the "Equipment Lady". If you need someone to sell your equipment for you, Laurie does a superb job at a reasonable price. No matter how expensive your equipment, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Alexander A. Scott - Sandy Scott Photography
Laurie Excell
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