Equipment Lady is an Australian equipment brokerage company. We provide equipment for various businesses in industries such as food service, construction, automotive, manufacturing, industrial, medical, scientific, and all types of commercial equipment that your business may require. We operate from Brisbane, but our services are available nationwide, and you can easily reach us if not physically, through our website or phone.

Our services include the supply of used and new equipment, valuation, brokerage, financing, portfolio maintenance, among many others. The quality and variety of our services make us the perfect place to handle all issues related to equipment.

In an industry where there are many companies that offer equipment brokerage and other services, we tower above all others for various reasons such as:


 We offer different types of services, all tailored to achieve one goal – provide you with high-performance equipment that will help your business grow. Offering multiple services is not just about profits; it is so that our customers do not have to stress themselves looking for several companies for all their equipment-related issues. As a one-stop-shop for equipment, we take full responsibility for all your equipment needs and reduce the risks of having to go to different places each time you need equipment solutions.


Only qualified professionals are in our employment. And these professionals don’t stop their education just because they have a job. We organise training programs for our clients and help them further their learning through various personal development endeavours. For us, we believe learning never ends, and we ensure our team is learning continuously so they can remain relevant in the industry. With us, you will not only get the newest equipment, but you will also get up-to-date information and service for all types of equipment, old or new.


As a one-stop-shop for equipment solutions, we seek to build a personal relationship with each of our customers. Most of our customers are repeat customers who fell in love with our service on the first try, and this is exactly our goal. Our team is made up of friendly people who are not only looking to close the deal. They ensure you are getting the best service and the work environment also contributes to this. From the moment you walk into our office, you recognise the efficiency that has made us a force to reckon with in the equipment industry.


While most businesses are profit-driven, our business is value-driven. We believe that when you offer value, you will definitely get rewarded for it. That is why all our services prioritise giving value to our clients. Even our relationship with our clients seeks to impart positive value to them. When a customer comes to us as a first-timer, what we provide him is not a list of equipment we would sell him, but advice, opinions, and recommendations on his needs and guidance that will help him make the best choice.

If you are looking to work with an equipment broker that prioritises your interest above anything else, try Equipment Lady today.