Equipment Finance

As a business owner, you know more than anyone how valuable it is to have the latest equipment and technology in your business. This covers everything from vehicles, heavy machinery, data processing tools, and other tools. Having this equipment when you need can determine how successful and innovative you can be in your business.

However, the cost of this equipment is expensive. Whether you are an established business or a start-up, finding the capital to get this equipment when you need it can be challenging. And even if you have the business capital, you can’t keep spending it on equipment each time something new comes out that will improve your operations. That is why you should consider equipment financing for your next equipment purchase or upgrade.

At Equipment Lady, we provide equipment finance services for our client. Equipment Finance is a category of business finance that focuses on providing companies with the capital needed to buy the equipment for their operations. It provides you with the capital, and in exchange, the equipment you push becomes the collateral or security for the loan, which means you will continue to enjoy use and access to the equipment as long as you fulfil the conditions of the financing. But if you default on the loan, the equipment is repossessed and used to defray the balance of the loan and any other cost.

Benefits of Equipment Finance for Your Business

Whatever type of business you are involved in, whether you are running a multinational company or a two-person partnership, or even a sole proprietorship, using equipment finance to get the necessary equipment for your business is undoubtedly a good decision. It helps you to get the equipment you need and still have the working capital necessary to handle all the recurring expenses of your business, such as wages, rents, and other ongoing expenditures.

By using equipment finance, you can easily replace and upgrade equipment and technologies that become obsolete at a rapid rate such as computers, operations software, robotics, etc. You can easily swap the old for the new and enjoy the most up to date technologies needed to maintain your competitive advantage in your industry. Equipment Finance usually has flexible terms that give room for your company to use it to meet all its equipment needs.

Why You Should Work with an Intermediary

When you need to get Equipment Finance, you have multiple options on how to go about it, but the best way to do is to use an intermediary service. Equipment Lady is a great example of such a service; we help you find the right lenders who will grant you equipment finance and match you with them to meet your needs. We are specialists in loans and other financing arrangements that will help you get your equipment without disrupting your cash flow or affecting your company’s financial stability. Our financial solutions are designed to give you access to various financing options and secure the equipment you need without any hassle.

There are different short and long term financing options available, and all you need to do is to fill an application form and attach documents, which include bank statements. Once you have done all that, we handle the rest of the process and negotiate the best deal for you from our lending partners, and your choice of finance products is reflected in the agreement reached. The right equipment finance agreement will give you accounting and tax advantage and help your company revenue and profits. At Equipment Lady, we know just how to get that right deal.

Equipment That You Can Finance

Businesses usually ask the question about which type of equipment they can use equipment financing for. At Equipment Lady, there is no limit to the type of equipment you can acquire using equipment finance; the only thing that limits you is your credit score. You can finance different types of equipment for various industries such as:

  • Telephone, Software, Computer systems, and other information technology equipment
  • Heavy duty and light municipal and commercial vehicles
  • Medical Equipment
  • Energy equipment, which includes solar panels and generators
  • Industrial and Manufacturing equipment and machinery
  • Construction equipment, etc.

To know whether we offer equipment financing for a product or if you can qualify for such financing, all you have to do is get in touch with us.

Equipment Financing Options

There are various forms of equipment financing; all focused on the same goal – getting you the equipment you need when you need it.

You can use the lease options, which let you use the equipment on a condition that you pay monthly rents on the usage. Some leases give you tax break while under other lease agreements, you are required to pay the tax.

You can also get direct financing for your equipment, whichever option you are going for, you will find the best deal at Equipment Lady.

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