Equipment Valuation

Valuing equipment and machinery is an intricate job. It is different from any other type of appraisal due to the likely variations in how each appraiser determines the value of each piece of equipment. At Equipment Lady, we use multiple approaches to arrive at the most accurate value of your equipment. We can handle valuation on any scale, ranging from a single piece of equipment to a whole factory. We have experience with appraising equipment in different industries and can help you determine your inventory’s actual value when there is a need for such.

Why You Need Equipment Valuation

Equipment Valuation is a specialised service that helps a company determine the value of its equipment and machinery assets. This is necessary for specific instances, which include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: When you are seeking to merge with another company, or you’re selling your business to another brand, determining your business value is essential for both parties. Since equipment and machinery are part of your fixed assets, it is necessary to know their accurate market value, and this will guide the negotiations.
  • Expansion: if you seek to expand your business, it is essential that you take stock of what you currently have on-ground. Determining your equipment value and creating an inventory of the assets you currently have will help you make the right decision on your areas of weakness and how to reallocate equipment.
  • Budgeting and Financing: Most lenders want to know the current value of your equipment before they will grant you any form of financing. This is especially the case when you are getting a secured loan where you are using a piece of equipment or more as collateral for the loan; in that case, it is necessary to determine the value of your assets.
  • Compliance: Equipment valuation can become a legal obligation for you to comply with auditing and accounting rules and regulations.
  • Insurance: Your insurance company would need to know the value of the equipment they are providing coverage for. In that case, equipment valuation is unavoidable, and you must ensure you get the most accurate estimation of your assets.

Seeing the various instances where equipment valuation is a necessity, it is crystal clear that you will need equipment valuation service at one point or another in your business; when the time comes, Equipment Lady is the right place to get the precise value that you can be confident in.

Why Use Us

Accuracy of Valuation: We use different approaches for calculating the value of your property.  We use direct market comparison where we look at the current market price of equipment and machinery similar to the one we are valuing, and the income approach where the value of your equipment and machinery is calculated based on future revenue from that asset. We factor in depreciation and every other relevant element to arrive at the most accurate value for your equipment.

Fees: Our fees are affordable and can be structured based on your individual needs and conditions.

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