New Equipment

When businesses buy new equipment instead of used ones, it is not just the equipment they are buying. They buy the brand, the optional features, and extra support with service and maintenance. We offer all these with our new equipment at Equipment Lady.

We don’t just stock any random equipment because it is new; we are very particular about brands. Only premium manufacturers in each industry make it to our stock; this is to ensure that we can vouch for any equipment we sell to you. We know that each manufacturer has its strengths and these strengths are what we focus on. If you are looking for equipment with the best engine available, we know the manufacturer that produces what you need. And if your preference is an aesthetic build, we know the right manufacturer whose products reflect excellent craftsmanship. Thus, when you want new equipment, we ensure that we understand your business operations, the purpose you need the equipment for, the frequency of its use, and all other details. All these help us to provide you with the most suitable equipment for your business. However, if you already have a brand in mind, we also advise you model, size, and available upgrades for your equipment.

We are authorised by different manufacturers to carry their products, so when you get this equipment, you also enjoy the benefits that come with such purchase. One of such is the optional features and add-ons that you can get to optimise your equipment. While the standard equipment may fulfil the purpose you have in mind, optional features help you enjoy your equipment more, make it even more durable, and also a higher safety level for it. Investing a few extra thousands to outfit your equipment with the best add-ons is not a bad deal at all, and at Equipment Lady, we install all these additional features at little to no cost.

Another benefit of buying a piece of new equipment is that you enjoy a warranty directly from the manufacturer. This warranty usually covers some repairs in case your equipment gets damaged. Free repair and maintenance from all accredited dealers for a stipulated period with terms and conditions is a great benefit that can save you thousands in maintenance for the first few years after buying your equipment. And you get all these by simply buying your new equipment directly from us, isn’t that wonderful?

Our new equipment is selected not just for brand reputation but also for durability, ease of use, aesthetic design, and fuel efficiency. So, you only get high-performance equipment from us. There are many pieces of equipment and brands to choose from, so your options are never restricted throughout the transaction. Our staff seeks to satisfy your equipment needs and proffer long-lasting solutions that will stand you out among your competitors. A peek into our inventory will reveal the most innovative products in various industries. Thus, when you are in need of the latest products, Equipment Lady is where you should come.

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