Equipment servicing is all about keeping your business equipment in working order and ensuring reliability in all conditions. It covers everything from routine checks and upkeeps to corrective repairs when there is a fault. At Equipment Lady, we service all types of equipment such as machine tools, heavy-duty vehicles, and all other mechanical assets needed for your business’s successful operations. Proper maintenance and repairs of your commercial equipment are necessary to stay ahead in the business, and we provide you with all the necessary resources for the service and maintenance.

We have a service department which includes various employees that handle all aspects of your equipment maintenance. There are technicians who perform the general upkeep and repairs, and supervisors ensure that the technicians do the right tasks using the best procedures. We have various technicians and supervisors with expertise in the different industries since the equipment is not the same across-board. For instance, if you seek to repair foodservice equipment, you would be directed to the expert on such equipment and not just a general technician who is specialised in construction.

Servicing is a thorough process that begins with diagnostics and ends with repairs and testing. Diagnostics are performed by experienced experts who can tell what is wrong with a machine by just hearing its sound. This kind of expertise is possible due to decades of experience. We also use computer tools and software to perform diagnoses; this helps to accurately determine the problem and fix it immediately.

We advise our clients on different ways to maintain their equipment after every use so it can be in good shape before they bring it in for routine servicing. Simple practices such as checking for loose screws, cracks in hoses, inspection at the end of every shift, etc. can save the business from sudden breakdown of equipment and the loss of revenue that would be caused by such an event.

Each equipment has specific guidelines for its maintenance and servicing, and most manufacturers usually stipulate how often you should service your equipment based on the frequency of use. For instance, a motor grader requires specific servicing after 500hours of use. At Equipment Lady, we follow these guidelines to the letter, and our staff adopts the best industry practices in performing their functions.

Servicing usually includes tasks such as replacing air, oil, and fuel filters, lubricating gears, and bearings, checking the fuel tank caps, replacing worn out parts of the equipment, etc. All these ensure the durability of your equipment and make it reliable even under high pressure. Given the cost of obtaining the heavy equipment and machinery needed to run a business successfully, the cost of routine maintenance necessary to protect and preserve your equipment pales in comparison.

We provide maintenance services for businesses in the following industries

  • Construction
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Steel mills
  • Automotive
  • and many others.

We Service your equipment at a very affordable price, and every equipment is tested after service to ensure it is working efficiently.

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