Used Equipment

Do you need used equipment but you are worried you may not get the best quality? Well, Equipment Lady helps you to get rid of this worry. Used equipment usually comes with risks, given that they are cheaper and have been used before. But we don’t believe the affordability of a piece of equipment should affect its quality. Cheaper should not mean worse, and with us, cheaper simply means “not new.”

We supply only high-grade used commercial equipment sourced from various companies and private organisations seeking to get rid of their assets for any reason apart from the assets being faulty. The process our used equipment pass through is a very rigorous one calculated to ensure only quality makes the final cut. The process includes the following steps.

  • Sourcing for used equipment: Our staff scout for used equipment from different industries that match our standards. Banks, construction contractors, dealers, mine operators, etc. who wish to liquidate their repossessed, redundant, slow-moving stock or overage assets are approached to get the premium used equipment.
  • Inspection and Examination: Once we have identified the used equipment we want, the pieces of equipment are all inspected and examined for any fault. This stage is a very rigorous one where more than one expert performs the inspection so that we can have a second opinion on the quality of each used equipment. We look into everything, the features, engine, spare parts, and all you can think of.
  • Reconditioning: We don’t stop at identifying the little faults in the used equipment. We go a step further by repairing it and putting it in the best shape possible before supplying. Every single problem identified in the equipment is fixed. We also help you customise the used equipment based on personal tastes and business requirements, so you end up getting a piece of used equipment that looks and function as efficiently as a new one.

The thorough processing that all our used equipment passes through ensures that you get the best quality at the end of the day. Any fault in a piece of used equipment that cannot be effectively fixed disqualifies such equipment. We are especially particular about avoiding equipment with engine issues or those that have recurring problems. Our team works with a standard checklist where every box must be ticked before such equipment can be supplied.

The major reason for preferring used equipment to new ones is its affordability, so we ensure that our used equipment is very affordable and not sub-standard. We supply at competitive prices and give you your money worth in value.

As part of our ideals, we seek to satisfy every need of our customers, so every transaction with us starts with a conversation. Whether you reach us through the internet, phone, or you come to our office. We are always ready to talk, and by talking, we mean listen to you outline your needs, tastes, and purpose, then offer professional advice on all that you need. A trial will convince you.

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